How optimizer works to increase internet speed

This is how the optimizer works

Imagine a water tap, when you open the tap usually more water flows our and faster, that is what the optimizer does is it tells the network car to set its cap uff limit higher.

Scenario one: when your water company is sending water at a high force.
when your water company is sending out water at a high force you can open your tap more and more and increase the water flow rate till u cant turn your tap any more, that is like the cap off. In internet terms, if your isp is giving you alot more internet than your network card is set to handle then, you can increase the cap limit on your card and your speed will be increased.

Scenario two: when your water company is NOT sending water at a high force.
In this case no mater how much your open your tap you will be getting the same amout of water at the same preasure. In internet terms, if your network card is already handling the all of your full internet speed, then it wont matter how much you set the network card limit to, as you will still be recieveing the same speed. This is perhaps whay it will not work for some of you.

The reason that these limits exists are not intentional by network card and Operating systems designers/developers, but more of a bad judgement, the thing is a decade ago no one expected for the regular house computer to have such a high internet speed, this is why, we can optimize our pcs and get the full internet speed.

Also programmers are recommended to reuse code in developments, they may use code over a decade old to make drivers and may forget to set the new limit, so this may explain why some of these new computers can be optimised.

Since mostly for the savy web user dont know the difference between fast internet and slow internet, fast pc vs slow pc, much slow internet vs slow computer, they dont bother fixing a problem they think they dont have