Learn for free how to speed up internet connection

On the internet a couple things may slow you down. There are fixes or tweaks for them, however this tweak will show the most results by far.

Our set up and screenshots here in our labs is on the windows vista operating system, but we have also tried this on other windows operating systems, Windows XP, Windows ME, Longhorn/Vista, and will soon be tested on Windows 7. We also have leased a broad band cable connection of 8Mbps.

The results after attempting this optimize, can actually be measured, so make sure that you do a speedtest befoe and after you do this optimize, you can do a speed test at a numebr of sites the one we perfer here at howtospeedupinternet.com is internetfrog.com, regardless any speed site will do.

First off be sure to do a few speed tests on the browser of your choice, we recommend firefox, but any will do, to get a rough average of your speed run the test a few times possibly on different servers, somtimes servers might be on a high load.so be sure to do a few tests.

There are a mainly two programs that we recommend dr tcp, and tcp optimizer, both have shown us good results, however dr tcp is a little more advanced, and is not the recommended one for this tutorial.

Step two, find out how much internet speed you have paid for: ask the person that pays for your internet, or find an bill that shows you what package you have bought. view our faqs on this section for this

Step three, create a folder in your program files called "optimize", its path sould look like "c:/program files/optimize", now download the optimizer, and place the exe file in the folder you have created. The reason we do this is so that in case we need to do a restore, it will be very easy as tcp optimizer creates back up files before applying changes. download the app we used from speedguide.net

Step four, double click and excute the application. Dont worry about where the slider is at now, that is not your present speed, now after finding out your real speed/or what your speed should be, drag the slider to the notch after that number, we dont set it exactly as some times the Internet Service Provider (ISP), sends a little more than what you have paid for, they do this so that when it reaches you, you will have the exact amount, this is to account for the data loss during transit.

step five, click "modify all adapters", this will ensure that all network devides are optimised, ethernet, wireless, firewire etc.

Step six, toward the bottom of the application click the radio button, "Optimial settings", then click apply. You will ten be promted if you want to commit, and ensure that you leave the backup check bux remains checked. then click ok. you will now be prompted to reboot. click ok to reboot.

After the reboot, bring up the browser of your choice, we recommend firefox, but any will do and re-do the speed tests, if you see a significant increase in speed, then that only means that you have just successfully optimised your network card.

If you want more information on how and why this works, please view here